2021 Invitation


There are milestones; the Bill of Rights, the Miracle on Ice or Tiger’s 12-stroke win at Augusta, and then there are EPIC milestones like 25 years of the Hootie Invitational.  Yes, the 25th Annual Hootie Invitational is on the horizon.  Seems like just yesterday we traveled to the other side of the desert just to play golf in Palm Springs.  Maybe it was the weekend away from the hustle of family, or that some actually like waking-up in the bathtub, or maybe it was just the camaraderie of good friends and a 12 oz of anything in their hand?  Whatever has drawn you in the past is now calling you once again to ask, “where IS Hootie?!”  Yes, it’s time to saddle-up the horses boys, this is YOUR invitation to the 2021 Hootie Invitational.


If you are receiving this email you are part of an elite field of 48 from last year’s event who get first crack at a spot in our 25th annual tournament at Tucson’s Omni Resort, June 10-13th, 2021.  If everyone sends in their deposit, well, the guys on the waiting list will just keep waiting.  As you can imagine there is heightened anticipation for our quadranscentennial celebration and that means the return of some real legends whose pictures grace the walls of the Hootie Hall of Fame.  Several news outlets plan local coverage, the Omni is changing the sheets on everyone’s bed and there will be extra White Claw in the cooler.  All we ask is that you follow the instructions below to help us make this our best Hootie ever.


Last year we were on the front-end of a flu strain that has since done quite a bit of damage.  We all know someone who has been impacted by the virus and for many of us this past year has changed our perspective.  We want you to know were are incredibly sorry if you have lost a loved one, or had to deal with the symptoms personally and preface that to say our plans are to once again follow every possible protocol to ensure a safe and productive event.  We will protect the most vulnerable and accommodate those who need special attention, including  changes in the agenda, cart assignments. etc.  Look for more details on those modifications in the weeks ahead … but for now, here’s what you need to do to secure your place at this year’s event


You have until March 15th to get your $250 deposit (we’re all kicking-in a little extra this year for a really special 25th Anniversary gift for everyone).  After March 15th we will open it up to the rest of our Hootie family and of course our annual invite to Darius Rucker and Natalie Gulbis (they never attend, but it’s still fun to keep asking).  By now you know the drill … get your deposit in, find the glove or two that doesn’t crack when you put it on and get ready for another outrageous weekend with this league of extraordinary gentlemen.

For now, let’s take care of the basics.  It’s important for you to do three things this weekend;

  1. 1) Add our website www.hootieinvitational.com to your favorites (yes, some of the pages are still being updated).
  2. 2) Pay your deposit using Venmo (you can use Zelle, but Rich really prefers Venmo).
  3. 3) Update your profile and contact information. 

If you don’t remember your account password hit RESET (it takes a couple minutes for the email to arrive, so be patient).  If you have any questions on paying your deposit (or don’t even have a Venmo or Zelle account) just call Rich at 480-550-2351 and he’ll walk you through the process.  With that said, here’s the step-by-step process on the website;

Go to www.hootieinvitational.com

  • 1) Login (upper right) into My Account using your email and password and check Remember my Password.
  • 2) Once you’re in click Manage your Profile (update accordingly with changes to your contact info, new picture or update of your equipment, etc.)
  • 3) Click 2021 Invite Response and choose your appropriate status.
  • 4) Decide on your best payment option by clicking Submit a Payment.
  • 5) Go back to your phone and forward any pictures from the last couple years to Jim (just respond to this email).


Just a reminder, most of us have been logging scores over the past few years on The Grint (the official handicap app of the Hootie Invitational).  We ask for everyone in the Hootie to get on board and register.  If you have not done so already, please go to our Hootie home page and click on The Grint logo (upper right corner) and start tracking your scores, today.  By the time June rolls around we want everyone to either have an official USGA handicap or have a minimum of 5 or 6 rounds posted on The Grint.  The integrity of our daily pairings, and ultimately the success of our tournament starts with accurate handicaps, and that all starts with you.  They have made some recent changes to the Grint so do what you need to do (thanks for making this a priority).


This year we will once again continue with our Saturday tradition of “Colors Day” … where we all sport our favorite team colors (college or pro).  It’s always great to see 48 guys in full-dress, running smack at their not-so-favorite team, so you have four months to order your gear so get creative (keep in mind, you have to be a real man to pull off the powder blue of North Carolina).  Toss in a pair of knickers and beret and you get the idea.  Just don’t be the guy who says you didn’t have time or don’t have a favorite team, man-up and make a stand, even if you’re an Cardinals fan.


That’s it … that’s all we need from you right now.  We will be enhancing our roommate challenge this year and making some tournament modifications we think you’re going to appreciate.  Look for additional emails regarding another mini-Hootie (for those who live in the valley) and an update on deposits so you know if there’s room for you to invite a guest.  All mission-critical details will be sent out in successive emails from the committee.  Until then, we are looking forward to another outstanding year.


On behalf of the Rich, David and Alan … see you soon.

Jim Pangborn