Rules & Conduct


Welcome Gentlemen

The Hootie Invitational is a SCRAMBLE format tournament.  Your team captain will oversee your team’s final score, but the entire team is responsible for the “integrity” of your play, and overall adherence to the rules. If you are a Hootie Virgin, they may ask you to get their drinks all weekend (hazing is an acceptable practice) or wear a thong to dinner, but hey, as long as they don’t violate any local statutes you are fair game.

On the Tee

Players hit their first shot from the appropriate teeing area. Each day the captain’s need to be aware of the official scorecard provided. Tee boxes for A/B players will be circled in RED and the C/D players will be circled in BLACK. It is the team’s responsibility to use the correct tee box for each hole. The committee’s intent is to give C and the D players the opportunity to help the team with some advantage off the tee box, so check your card every hole for the correct box.

On the Fairway

Your team selects the best shot and all four players play their second shot from that position. Mark where the ball lies with a tee and then each player places their ball anywhere within one club length of the original position. You CAN improve your position with the placement of the ball.  For example, if the longest drive is in a sand trap and the edge of the trap is within one club length out of the trap, move it out. You can move it FORWARD if you want, from rough to fairway or, if you’re off the green you CAN improve it onto the green, but let’s be fair keep it to only one club length.

On the Green

Your team decides the best ball to play. Place a marker where the ball lies and each person putts from that SAME position. You can place the ball within 4 inches (approximately the length of the head of a putter) off the mark, but with putting, you CAN’T move any closer to the hole. This is also where you need to be careful. If one of the first three guys misses the putt and walks up and taps it in, that is your final putt! Make sure you wait until everyone has had a chance to putt. Again, do not tap it in until you are ready to count that score.

Club Limits

How many clubs can you have in your bag … how many did you bring? As a wise ‘ole sage once proclaimed, “this ain’t the frickin’ Masters!”

Course Etiquette

The courses we are playing have strict rules about your attire. You must wear collared shirts, no denim shorts, etc.  Please treat other groups with respect and do not forget WE ARE GUESTS.  The Omni Resort could have members on the courses with us … so please remember to give them the same respect you would expect, on the course, in the lobby or by the pool.  We are also responsible for each other, on the course, in the lobby or at the pool.  Thanks in advance for representing the spirit of the Hootie. 


If you have any doubts, all USGA rules of golf and the integrity of the team captain apply. If you have a question call one of the committee members, I’m sure we can screw it up just as easily as you.  At the end of each round, your team’s daily score becomes each player’s individual score.  Do NOT submit a card with just your NET score.  Include the GROSS total so the appropriate team handicap can be affirmed by the scoring committee upon completion of each round.


Each A & B player get ONE Mulligan each day.  C & D players get TWO each day (one on the front nine, one on the back corresponding to the scorecard holes), and there are NO carryovers (if you do not use it, you lose it).  You can use your mulligan anywhere you want … drives, approaches, chips and putts. 

The Hootie Toss

Every day, every 9 holes, your “D” player (and ONLY your “D” player) can THROW THEIR OWN ball to gain additional yardage from OFF the green.  D-players, don’t forget, you have TWO tosses, one on the front side and one on the back side of your card (if you start on #16 and use a toss, you CAN use a toss on hole #4 because these are different nines on your card).  Tosses must be from OFF the putting surface.  You can NOT use your “D-toss” to make an 8-foot putt by laying down on the green and dropping it in the hole.

Important Disclaimer

If anyone other than your D player makes the toss, you are cheating.  Remember, when you cheat, you feel guilty and turn to pornography.  When you turn to pornography your mother rolls over in her grave.  When your mother rolls over in her grave there is an earthquake in Indio. When there is an earthquake in Indio you scream like little girl.  Don’t’ scream like a little girl.  Do not cheat. Captains remember, YOU oversee your team’s integrity.

Long Drives and Pin Seekers

There will be a long drive contest for each flight each day and four closest to the pin contests each day (two A/B and two C/D).  The long drive must end in the fairway grass and closest to pin must be on the green.

Team Competition

There will be daily winners for the team competition each day.  The top three teams will be in the money for each round. Side bets are certainly acceptable (and encouraged).

Event Winners

The daily team totals from all three rounds are your final score for the tournament.  The lowest overall individual score is our HOOTIE CHAMPION.  In the event of a tie, the lowest score from Sunday is the winner (going back to Saturday, then Friday, if necessary).  Flight winners are the lowest three-day total for each flight.  The second lowest score (in the flight of the overall Hootie Champion) will be awarded the “flight winner” money (any ties will be broken the same as above).  Roommate Challenge will be won by the lowest combined score among roommates.

Pool Conduct

NO DRINKS AT THE POOL UNLESS YOU PURCHASE IT FROM THE POOL BAR!! The bar at the main pool of the Omni Hotel is OPEN and serves a variety of drinks and snacks for your leisure. Arizona Liquor Law prohibits bringing your own beverage where there is a bar available. This is being strickly enforced and was the only strike against our group last year. In addition, we WILL NOT have and extra gathering room with ice chests full of complimentary beer this year, so please plan accordingly and bring your favorite cold beverage to enjoy in your room. 

Do not be “That Guy”

If your behavior leads to a conversation with hotel security, do not be the guy who thinks their “introduction to law” class from ASU is enough to make you smart.  Just listen, comply and let a committee member know what happened.  This is not to be punitive; this is to cover your backside.  We take this seriously and get resolution with the hotel away from the scene of the “alleged” crime.  Just trust us on this.  A lot of us have kids of our own and have learned to watch our “daddy” language, particularly after that 3rd shot of Jack.  This weekend is no different.  When a bunch of “big kids” get together to have a little fun, we still need to keep it clean.  There are other guests using the facilities, including someone else’s children.  We really do not need to be whistling at the 15-year-old in her first bikini or tossing expletives like your truck-driving uncle.  We are not trying to change who you are, just asking you to be considerate.  Thanks gentlemen.